The Introductory Massage

A traditional massage to relieve tension in the muscles. of the back, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet. This massage is a great introduction!
50 Min $110 | 80 Min $165 | 110 Min $220

The Lodge Massage

Swedish massage has one main focus Relaxation! Using lemongrass & lavender with long, firm strokes to release muscle tension and increase blood flow.
50 Min $120 | 80 Min $175 | 110 Min $230

Tension Tamer Massage

Deep tissue massage and trigger point manipulation for deep seated tension and clients who prefer a deep pressure massage. You can add CBD.
50 Min $120 | 80 Min $175 | 110 Min $240 Add CBD +10

Mountain Mama

Nurturing massage for moms to be uses our safe and effective pre-natal techniques to help hydrate skin, relieve exhaustion, and target areas affected most by pregnancy.
50 Min $130 | 85 Min $185

WildFlower Massage

We use the natural power of aromatherapy essential oils along with soothing massage strokes to help uplift your spirits, recharge your muscles, and detoxify your body.
50 Min $130 | 80 Min $185 | 110 Min $240

Partners & Friends Massage

Relax with your soul mate or good friend as you receive side by side full body massages in our couples massage room.
50 Min $240 | 80 Min $350

CBD Massage (A Colorado Original)

CBD (stands for cannabidiol), one of over 100 compounds of cannabis, is absorbed through your skin to provide relief and well being for your muscles. These strains do not contain THC, offering relaxation without intoxication.
50 Min $130 | 80 Min $185 | 110 Min $240

Expedition Relief Massage

Designed to help Crested Butte travelers adjust to the 9800 ft. altitude and relieve jetlag. Using an essential oil blend, this massage works to soothe breathing and decrease head pressure.
50 Min $130 | 80 Min $185 | 110 Min $240

CBD Sports Massage

Light stretching and massage with a CBD helps you reach peak performance by improving your range of motion, accelerating muscle recovery and reducing pain.
50 Min $140 | 80 Min $195 | 110 Min $250

Massage Upgrades

(Only available with a massage, they do not add any time to the service)
Sweet Orange & Ginger Root Scalp Massage Enhancement
Relax deeply as a gentle wave of blended essential oils descends across the forehead and is slowly massaged into the head and scalp. $25
Add-ons: Deep Tissue +10 CBD +10

Wildflower Spa: A therapeutic and relaxing spa environment.