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6 Massage Blogs you should check out

Six Blogs For Massage Therapists

This Better Movement Blog is maintained by Todd Hargrove. Todd regularly posts high quality content that discuss the science of movement and pain.

Three Featured Posts
• Why Do Muscles Feel Tight
A Systems Perspective on Motor Control, Part One
How Does Foam Rolling Work?


TWO: Body in Mind

BodyinMind was developed by Lorimer Moseley as a method to promote better understanding of the clinical pain sciences. Most post are from academics, so the quality of the content is high but often requires an eye for detail, in order to pull out the salient points.

Three Featured Posts
• The Trigger Point Strikes … Out!
• Time To Embrace Bioplasticity?
• Everything You Wanted To Know About CENTRAL SENSITISATION

The HumanAntiGravitySuit is maintained by Diane Jacobs, the creator of Dermoneuromodulation. Diane posts content on a fairly regular schedule, most of these post are insights into the role cutaneous nerves play in many common pain problems.

Three Featured Posts
• Why I Don’t Buy The Idea That “trigger points” are in Muscle
• Yes-ciception Inhibits Nociception in the Spinal Cord
• Anatomy of a Peripheral Nerve Root

FOUR: PainScience

PainScience is one of the most comprehensive resources available for therapists looking for insights into aches and pains. Paul Ingraham, the creator of PainScience is a retired massage therapists from Canada who now writes and maintains the website full time.

Three Featured Posts
• Why Massage Makes You Tingle
• Pain is Weird
• Does Massage Therapy Work?

Jamie Johnston, runs The Massage Therapists Development Centre, this blog is all about changing the perception of massage therapy and is the fastest growing community of massage therapists. This blog features posts from many different authors including Robert Libbey, Todd Hargrove, Tina Allen, Erson Religioso, Justine Sones, all of the contributors are subject specialists.

Three Featured Posts
• How Massage Therapists Can Recognize And Deal With A Heart Attack
• Myofasical Release And Massage Therapists
 Back Pain Myths: Posture, Core Strength, Bulging Discs

The RMT Education Project is a resource that works to promote ‘evidence informed massage’. The blog provides insights into insight into the body and provides a number of open access resources for massage therapists.

Three Featured Posts
 Evidence Informed Massage
• Does Fascia Release?
• 10 Articles All Massage Therapists Should Read

Links For The Curious
The RMT Education Project attempts to simplify the complex – breaking down information dense research into manageable chunks. If you are looking for a somewhere to start, check out the ‘Curated Content’ page or browse through ‘The Literature Countdown’.

The Massage Therapy Literature Countdown
 10 Articles All Massage Therapists Should Read
• 9 Open Access Articles for Massage Therapists
• 8 Researchers Who Are Changing Massage Therapy
• 7 Books For Massage Therapists
• 6 Blogs For Massage Therapists
• 5 Systematic Reviews of Massage Therapy
• 4 Articles About The Importance of Touch
 3 Bones You May Not Have Heard About
• 2 Peer-reviewed  Publications for Massage Therapists
• 1 Book That Will Change The Way You Think

Open Access Resources
• Curated Resources for Massage Therapists
• Open Access Research Papers
• Resources for Patients

Research Review
• A New Muscle: The Tensor Vastus Intermedius
• Pleasure Receptors Response to Massage
• Does Fascia Release
• Evidence Informed Massage

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